May 2007 News

01 May

John F. King, age 85, died Thursday, March 29, 2007. He was one of our old timers, who attended our meetings to his last days. He served with the U.S. Army in Europe during WW II and was a Brigadier General of the Tennessee Defense Force. He was a civil engineer and employed by the TVA for 35 years. He administered the flood insurance branch . He was a life member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, a state registered land surveyor,

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and a state licensed realtor. He worked as a FEMA volunteer in the aftermath of Hurricane Hugo and in other volunteer assignments. He and his late wife Evelyn were named TVA Volunteers of the Year in 1990. He is survived by two sons and their families. John was a life-long member of the Technical Society of Knoxville and also in his later year, when Parkinsons made the going tough for him, he attended our meetings whenever he could, thanks to the services of our member, Sam Rudder, who brought him to the meetings, finally in a wheel chair, from the Manor House where John had moved after the

death of his wife. John was one of the old garde of engineers for whom life-long learning was natural and socializing with their colleagues meant a lot. May he rest in peace.

Parking. Two times in a row Crowne Plaza events had so many attendees that the GARAGE FULL sign was posted at the entrance. When I see this sign it makes me pale, as it may mean reduced attendance at our meeting. When you see this sign, boldly go ahead and often there will be a space left for you, especially down on the second level. If this fails, drive up to the hotel entrance and tell the doorman that you are attending the TSK meeting. I was told that they would help you find parking. The problem with the full hotel garage is that even if you find parking in the city garage on Walnut St. you would have to pay again, as we already pay for parking in our fee. If the TSK board agrees, we could make a contribution of $2 to such a parking fee. Also those who attend our meetings on a regular basis should have a token in reserve so that they can get out of the hotel garage if it is full and the gate is down. I was told that the gate would be up in this case, but I would not

rely on that. What is good for the hotel is bad for us. Fortunately this situation has not happened too often in the past and let’s hope it stays that way.

Harold Draper left the TVA in April in pursuit of other opportunities in Kansas City. He served as president of the Technical Society in 1999. During his years as an officer of the TSK he was a very effective manager of Society affairs. He also was a frequent attendee at TSK meetings. We are losing a valuable member and wish him all the success he expects from his new job.

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