Programs for March 2012

14 Jul

The March 5, 2012 T speaker will be Harvey Abouelata, President of ARiES Energy.The title of the talk will be”An Innovative Bioenergy Technology”

Harvey Abouelata and Dr. Sam Weaver, the President of Proton Power and inventor of the CHyP System, will be discussing a bioenergy technology from Proton Power, Inc called the CHyP System, which stands for Cellulose to Hydrogen Power.

Any type of biomass material, from energy crops such as switchgrass to even common waste, is the feedstock for this system. (PDH).

March 12th: Tom Rogers from Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)will speak on ORNL’s Carbon Fiber Initiative.

Tom is Director, Industrial and Economic Development Partnerships.

ORNL has a 40-year history in research, development, demonstration, and deployment of fiber-reinforced composites materials. For the past decade, ORNL recently received a $35 million award from DOE to design, construct, and operate the Carbon Fiber and Composites Technology Center, which will include a pilot plant capable of producing to 25 tons of new low-cost carbon fiber materials.

Efforts are under way to establish a “cluster” of economic activity in the East Tennessee region to leverage recent federal investments in this exciting new technology area.

March 19 Helen Rucker of TVA Natural Resources Plan will be responsible tor the program.

The Tennessee Valley Authority has completed and released its proposed Natural Resource Plan, designed to enhance stewardship of public recreation facilities, water resources, wildlife and plants, and historic and cultural sites on TVA-managed reservoir lands.

With thousands of acres to look after, the Tennessee Valley Authority has now come up with a 20 year plan

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to manage all it’s resources.

The Natural Resource Plan addresses six stewardship areas:

Biological resources, such as endangered or threatened wildlife, native and non-native plants, and habitat lands that can be accessed for individual recreation;

Irreplaceable cultural resources, including archeological sites, historic structures and artifacts that tell the story of Tennessee Valley settlement;

TVA -managed public recreation facilities, such as campgrounds, day-use areas and boat launches;

Resources to promote the improvement of regional water quality, health of aquatic species and stability of shorelines;

Reservoir land planning to balance demands for conservation, recreation, shoreline access and economic development;

Public engagement to educate and involve people and organizations in the shared stewardship responsibility for protecting and enhancing public lands.

March 26th: Susan Gawarecki. Will speak on the topic”The Importance of Public Participation in DOE Decisions”

Dr. Gawarecki is an environmental professional with 30 years of experience. Her immediate past employment was as Executive Director of the Oak Ridge Reservation Local Oversight Committee. Prior to this she worked at environmental consulting firms with a career focus on Superfund site investigations. Her technical background is in geology and groundwater. She has served on numerous boards, panels, working groups, and committees to create policy recommendations and advise federal, state and local governmental and non-profit entities. Dr. Gawarecki received her PhD from the University of South Carolina and is a registered professional geologist in Tennessee, South Carolina, and Kentucky. Her passion outside of her career is raising, training and showing llamas and alpacas.

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