Programs for September 2012

30 Aug

September 24 Dr. Jenny Retherford, P.E will be the speaker . The title of her talk will be: “Reliability Analysis for Flexible Pavement Design”.(PDH)

This presentation discusses analytical and simulation-based reliability methods as applied to flexible pavement design. The research concepts utilize the AASHTO Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide (MEPDG) which is a fairly recently released design procedure (released in 2004). The reliability analysis procedures are explained in some detail and include: Monte Carlo Simulation, Advanced Mean Value, First Order Reliability Method, Mean Value First Order Second Moment method, and the Rosenblueth method.

Dr. Jenny Retherford, P.E. is a recent graduate from Vanderbilt University and just joined the UT Civil Engineering department this fall as a Lecturer. Jenny worked as a structural design engineer for a number of engineering firms: Leo A Daly in Omaha, amec in Nashville, as well as Stan Lindsey in Nashville. Her academic achievements include a “handful” of publications and conference presentations related to her dissertation, loosely described as uncertainty management for flexible pavement design. Jenny is a licensed civil engineer in the state of Tennessee as well as a LEED accredited professional.

The Technical Society is the civic organization for technically oriented people and it has traditionally provided volunteer technical advice and services when the opportunity or need has arisen. Dr. Retherford had a request in her letter to Ken Barry that some of the Technical Society members or other technical people could answer.

Dr. Retherford is teaching the senior design class at UT this semester and she is looking for local engineers to come to the class. She is open to a number of activities – maybe someone comes in and showcases a recent project (hopefully with some aspects similar to the one the class is working on), or some innovative activity that they are working on, or, possibly the most helpful option, She would love for someone to come in to the class and let the students give their ‘elevator speech’ describing their project and provide feedback/comments/recommendations on the design decisions they have made and maybe some insight into concepts/concerns that they might encounter further along in their design process (right now, they are in something of a schematic phase, so foresight would be incredibly useful to them now). She asked if Ken Barry or anyone else he knows would be interested in visiting with her class? She will take as many volunteers or repeat visitors as Ken can find for her. She would really like these students to be exposed to senior engineers who could to some extent represent the relationship that they would have if they were performing this work at a firm. She asked if Ken and others would be interested in stopping by campus and mentoring these students?

September 17 Mariappan Parans Paranthaman will be the speaker. The title of his talk will be: “Novel Anodes and Cathodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries”.
Dr.Paranthaman is a distinguished scientist and a leader of the Materials Chemistry Group of the Chemical Sciences Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He currently ranks #2 in worldwide citations

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in the high temperature superconductivity research in the last decade (1999-2009).

The major limitation on development of renewable energy sources is energy storage and lithium – with it’s light weight and low electronegativity is the most likely key material for breakthrough batteries.

Sept 10, 2012 Sergey Gavrilets will speak on “The evolution of monogamy”. He is UTK Distinguished Professor of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Mathematics in the Department of Ecology

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& Evolutionary Biology, Department of Mathematics National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis, University of Tennessee.
His self description follows:
Depending on the context, I call myself a theoretical evolutionary biologist (most of the time) or an applied mathematician (sometimes). I use mathematical models to study complex evolutionary processes. Over the last several years, my research interests have mostly concentrated on the following major areas: social and cultural evolution, speciation and adaptive radiation, sexual conflict, holey fitness landscapes, and micro-evolutionary processes and macro-evolutionary patterns. I have also studied mathematical models aiming to describe/explain maintenance of genetic variation in natural populations, dynamics of genetic variation under selection, frequency-dependent selection and coevolution, maternal and parental effects, hybrid zones and clines, and spatially heterogeneous selection.


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