December 2013 TSK News

25 Nov

On December 2, 2013, Patrick L. McMahon, P.E., PhD,

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Project Engineer, S&ME Inc. spoke on a study of bedload transport in streams. Published bedload transport data sets for gravel bed rivers in North America have been developed primarily in the mountainous Western regions of the continent. The conclusion of the study was that the western data is applicable to eastern streams.

On December 9 Ted Lundy spoke about the background of the Manhattan Project. The science behind the Manhattan Project began with the Curies several years before WW2. Ted is planning a second talk on the Manhattan Project. Oak Ridge historian Ray Smith attended the meeting and he will talk in January about Oak Ridge history.

On December 16, Graham Walford described his Reality House. Graham and his wife built an innovative high efficiency home where the end goals included air quality, light quality and ability to encompass the human life cycle – young to old. Data was presented taken from the extensive instrumentation built into the house- including thermographic studies, multi sensor plots, ground thermal systems, etc.

Dr. Walford is a Subject Matter Expert in several demanding radiation measurement fields. These include environmental, high performance counting, accident conditions and Special Nuclear Materials (SNM) in a variety of distributions. Experiences also include detection technology development and the engineering of applicable systems and components.

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