October 2014 TSK programs

30 Sep

The Technical Society of Knoxville meeting on October 6, 2014 will be an open meeting of the Technical Society of Knoxville board of directors.
All members are asked to attend. The Technical Society of Knoxville needs to determine its’ direction for the coming years.
Please be prepared to offer your thoughts and desires on the goals, programs and leadership of the society.

October 13 no meeting for Columbus Day

Joseph P. Carson will speak to the Technical Society on October 20, 2014.

Joe Carson is a licensed professional engineer (P.E.) and nuclear safety engineer at DOE. He is a decorated veteran who served as an officer in the nuclear navy for six years and later worked at several commercial nuclear power plants. He joined the Department of Energy (DOE) as a workplace and nuclear safety engineer in 1990.
Joe is now engaged in an over 2 decades-long task to defend and advance the profession of engineering, its code of ethics and the public health and safety,  (see for a 3 minute video that summarizes it).

Congressman John Duncan told him that if  more constituents would contact his office  it would give him more reason and ability to address the concerns that Joe has raised. Joe would like TSK to consider contacting Congressman Duncan expressing interest in his concerns and their resolution.
Joe has taken engineering ethics seriously and has courageously reported DOE failures at the risk of serious retribution – which he has endured. The entire technical and scientific community should hear Joe and each person should judge for themselves what action should be taken.

The Techniiety of Knoxville Speaker for October 27, 2014 will be  Marcus Weseman, Vice President and Senior Associate Director for Health, Energy, and Environment; Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU)cal Soc

The Program Topic will be “Reducing Energy Use by Increasing Weatherization of Residential Housing.”

Increasing the effectiveness of the energy conservation program in the US requires a number of coordinated initiatives including
-increasing the number of buildings that are retrofitted
-increasing the size and competencies of the weatherization workforce
-increasing the number of weatherization training programs
-increasing the effectiveness of weatherization training and assurance that their graduates are fully competent; this requires independent, third party accreditation of  training programs
-establishing a career ladder for workers so that technicians can see a series of well-defined job categories with a clear progression to higher level, better paying positions.

ORAU provides innovative scientific and technical solutions to advance national priorities in science, education, security and health. In this presentation, Mr. Weseman will provide an overview of the national programs established by the Department of Energy (DOE) over the last 5 years and how the Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) has supported those interrelated initiatives.  He manages the ORAU support to an ongoing DOE initiative to expand the building weatherization workforce as part of the DOE national energy conservation program.

Mr. Weseman holds a master of public administration and a masters degree in social work from the University of Tennessee and a BA in communications from Western Michigan University.

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