November 2014 TSK Programs

30 Oct

November 24 No Meeting

November 17  The Technical Society of Knoxville speaker for November 17, 2014  will be Tom Berg, CNS, LLC, Y12 National Nuclear Complex. The title of his presentation will be “ How to License a Technology from a Government Facility”(PDH)

Tom has a long history working with technology and doing technology transfer.  Included in this history is working for several technology –based start-up companies and a number of medium and large corporations.  Along his career trajectory he has worked for Lockheed Martin Aerospace, OHM Construction, Siemens, Promega Biotech, M4-Environmental, B&W LLC and now CNS, LLC.  He has had the opportunity to manage R&D operations, Technology Transfer Groups, and project management on medium and large construction and technology projects.  He has more than 30 year’s experience in technology related activities.

November 10, 2014 will have Kimberly (Kim) Davis, Ph.D., P.E., Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Society-Technology Interactions Science Team in the Environmental Sciences Division at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory as speaker.
Her topic will be “Assessing Public Support of Urban Forest Protection”

Trees in urban and suburban areas (“urban forest”) are becoming increasingly important for regional ecosystem functional capacity as the proportion of the population that is urban-dwelling grows. However, a community that values urban trees must ultimately be present if community planners wish to gain traction in garnering support for urban forest protection policies. In this case study of Knox County, Tennessee, a model was tested that examined the relationship between community willingness to support higher levels of urban forest protection, and various indices measuring homeowners’ “Sense of Place.” The contribution of this study’s model to the policy-making arena is to offer a method to guide locally-based urban tree canopy management processes.

Kim Davis is a Post-Doctoral Research Associate on the Society-Technology Interactions Science Team in the Environmental Sciences Division at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, working on a U.S. Department of Energy funded project examining environmental and health risks associated with synthetic biology research and development. Previously, Dr. Davis was a consulting environmental engineer with Spectra Tech, Inc. in Oak Ridge, TN and a Research Associate at the University of Tennessee, where she studied the human dimensions of natural resource management. Dr. Davis received her Ph.D. in Sociology from UT specializing in Environmental Sociology, and also holds engineering degrees from Clemson University: a Master of Science Degree in Environmental Engineering and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering. She is a certified Professional Engineer in Tennessee, New Mexico, and Colorado.




The Technical Society of Knoxville program for November 3, 2014 will have DR. Omer C. Onar, Weinberg Fellow. Oak Ridge National Laboratory, as speaker.

The topic will be ”Wireless Power Charging of Electric Vehicles”.(PDH)

This is an important topic which will be very important in the future !

Wireless power transfer (WPT) which is a paradigm shift in electric-vehicle (EV) charging that offers the consumer an autonomous, safe, and convenient option to conductive charging and its attendant need for cables. WPT can be fully autonomous due to the vehicle and grid side radio communication systems, and is non-contacting; therefore issues with leakage currents, ground faults, and touch potentials do not exist.The convenience of WPT cannot be overstated. The over-arching goal for WPT is minimization of vehicle on-board complexity  and eventually, with in-motion deployment of WPT, the ultimate in electric vehicle operation with unlimited range; dynamic wireless charging.

Omer Onar received his Ph.D. degree from Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in Electrical Engineering, in July 2010, Chicago, IL. In July 2010, he was awarded the distinguished Alvin M. Weinberg Fellowship at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), where he joined the Power Electronics and Electric Machinery Group.
As a child in Istanbul, Turkey, Omer Onar told people he wanted to be an astronaut. His passion for science evolved into a more earthly area—cars. Onar now works with power electronics and electric vehicles in Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Electrical & Electronics Systems Research Division. His research interests cover transportation electrification, wireless power transfer systems, and renewable energies.
Onar and his team received the Energy and Transportation Science Division’s Significant Event Award for accomplishing the world’s first dynamic wireless charging system with coils. Onar’s team also won a Department of Energy grant for “Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicles,” resulting in $11.8 million of funding over three years through the Vehicle Technologies Office.

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