February 2015 Technical Society News

27 Jan

TSK News February 2015

The Technical Society of Knoxville speakers on February 2, 2015 were Dr. Eric R. Wade, assistant Professor in the University of Tennessee mechanical engineering department and Yasser Ashraf Gandomi , a graduate student in mechanical engineering and American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME ) student chapter president. Eric is a strong believer in the importance in the integral role of practical experience in the training of engineers. During this talk, along with Yasser Ashraf Gandomi, he discussed how this plays a role in the activities of the UT professional societies. They are interested in the robot competitions , guidance for UT students, and giving information to school guidance counsellors- including minority community schools – on engineering as a career. They would appreciate names of experienced engineers who will talk to students.

February 9, 2015 the speaker was Dr. Olaf Storaasli, NASA’s Finite-Element Machine developer, Supercomputer Pioneer and author of novel computation algorithms to enable science discovery (i.e. rapid solution of large matrix systems).Dr Storaasli described past, present and future supercomputers and applications they solve. He showed the remarkable progress in computing speed over the duration of the computer age. Only a few years are required for inexpensive computers to equal the capability of the most advanced current computers. Cooling requirements for computers are an important consideration. A serial computer has a finite limit on speed so the speed in computation in supercomputers comes from a central computer supervising many parallel computers- with the programming challenges that go with such an arrangement.

At the February 23, 2015 meeting the society members present elected an interim board of officers who will serve for several months until the future direction of the Technical Society is determined. The new officers are Joe Carson, President; Ev Engstrom’ Vice President; Bruce Glanville, Past President ; Walter Wunderlich, Wayne Loveday, Wolf Naegeli,, Directors; Jean-Pierre Granju, Treasurer: Bob Scott, Secretary .

The Society voted to become an umbrella technical organization and to waive Technical Society dues for new members in 2015.

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