February 2015 Technical Society Programs

27 Jan

The Technical Society of Knoxville speakers on February 2, 2015 will be Dr. Eric R. Wade, assistant Professor in the University of Tennessee mechanical engineering department and Yasser Ashraf Gandomi , a graduate student in mechanical engineering and American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME ) student chapter president .
Eric is a strong believer in the importance in the integral role of practical experience in the training of engineers. During this talk, along with Yasser Ashraf Gandomi, he will discuss how this plays a role in the activities of the UT professional societies.
They will speak about the student ASME Chapter at the University of Tennessee: “Introduction of the University of Tennessee American Society of Engineers: Leveraging East Tennessee Expertise”.
Eric has a  B.S. in Mechanical Engineering , a dual M.S. in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and postdoctoral fellowships in Computer Science and Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy at USC before joining UT as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Biomedical Engineering. His research interests include developing and applying engineering techniques to outstanding problems in medical health, with a particular focus on wearable sensors, ambient monitoring, and motor rehabilitation.

The Technical Society of Knoxville speaker on February 9, 2015 will be Dr. Olaf Storaasli , NASA’s Finite-Element Machine developer, Supercomputer Pioneer and author of novel computation algorithms (i.e., GPS*) for current & future HPC systems harnessing accelerators (FPGAs & GPUs) to enable science discovery (i.e. rapid solution of large matrix systems).(PDH)

Dr Storaasli will describe past, present and future Supercomputers and applications they solve. Based on his NASA and ORNL research, he’ll project the future (ExaFLOP): architecture, software and performance enabling breakthrough scientific discoveries and “trickle down” spinoff to servers, PCs & laptops.

Dr Storaasli received a B.A. in Physics, Mathematics & French (Concordia College, 1964), M.A. in Mathematics (USD,1966), Ph.D in Engineering Mechanics (NCSU, 1970) and post-doc fellowships: NTNU (1984–85), University of Edinburgh (2008). He led the hardware, software and applications teams’ successful development of one of NASA’s 1st parallel computers, the Finite element machine and developed rapid matrix equation algorithms to exploit accelerators (FPGAs) to solve science and engineering applications. He is recognized by American Men and Women of Science, Marquis Who’s Who, and NASA, Cray, Intel and Concordia College awards. NASA Awards include Viking Mars Lander design and Engineering Analysis (IPAD, RIM, HPC, FPGA, SPAR, FEM, Space Shuttle SRB and NASA Software-of-the-year).

The Technical Society of Knoxville will not meet on February 16.

The Technical Society of Knoxvillemeeting on  February 23, 2015 will be a report from an ad hoc committee and a determination of the future of the Technical Society of Knoxville. All current members are urged to attend and any former members or interested people are welcome.

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