January 2015 TSK News

01 Jan

The Technical Society of Knoxville  met on January 5, 2015 to determine the future of the Technical society. Is there still a need for a voice of authority on technology matters in the public interest? The weekly meetings will continue until the end of February and the society will determine it’s future in response to the ad hoc committee report.
On January 12, 2015. David Nowak , a field application engineer with Bridgelux was the speaker. The title of his talk was “What Is Light and Why Do You Care?” It was an explanation of how different sources “create” light and how your eyes interpret colors differently from those sources. The LED lights produce a mainly blue light and phosphors are used to get different spectra that are more pleasing or better for different environments. He referred to the Illumination Engineering Society  standards. Look for CRI >80 and gamma 80 to 100  or class A lights for good indoor lighting. Blue headlights on automobiles help keep us awake and blue lights at home- particularly tablets- tend to keep you awake. It was a very informative talk.
David is a graduate of Kettering University. Here is a link to his professional details:
The Technical Society meeting on January 26, 2015 had John Derek Faulconer, Principal of the new Knox County Schools Career Magnet Academy as the speaker. The school is “ Project Based and focusing on Career Pathways. Reinventing secondary Ed”. Pellissippi State Community College has moved in to a major part of  a sprawling 18-acre campus  with 221,194 square feet of floor space that once housed Philips Consumer Electronics’ North American headquarters. The abundance of resources has led to an innovative educational synthesis. The new Career Magnet Academy shares the facility at 7201 Strawberry Plains Pike with Pellissippi State Community College.  The school is recruiting 125 freshmen a year from all over Knox county. The students learn hands on skills along with their academic work. The school has no athletic programs but they do plan to be a factor in  the  robot competition. Students can get college credit for some classes and can graduate from high school with a year of college credit.
John believes that an “education” is an individuals pursuit of knowledge, where by gaining that knowledge, empowers the individual to make life changes that increase his or her chance at becoming successful in life and he is attempting to instill that attitude in his students.

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