January 2015 Technical Society Programs

01 Jan

The Technical Society meeting on January 26, 2015 will have John Derek Faulconer, Principal of the new Knox County Schools Career Magnet Academy as the speaker. The school is “ Project Based and focusing on Career Pathways. Reinventing secondary Ed”.
Pellissippi State Community College has moved in to a major part of  a sprawling 18-acre campus  with 221,194 square feet of floor space that once housed Philips Consumer Electronics’ North American headquarters. The abundance of resources has led to an innovative educational synthesis. The new Career Magnet Academy shares the facility at 7201 Strawberry Plains Pike with Pellissippi State Community College.
I, Bob Scott, TSK secretary, toured the facility during the Pellissippi State Community College 40 year anniversary celebration and I recommend  this opportunity to attend a presentation on the school to anyone interested in the education programs in this region. I was very impressed with the school and with the interaction with Pellissippi State


On January 12, 2015. David Nowak , a field application engineer with Bridgelux will be the speaker. The title of his talk will be “What Is Light and Why Do You Care?” It is an explanation of how different sources “create” light and how your eyes interpret colors differently from those sources. With the introduction of LED lighting, there has been a lot of jargon thrown around in an attempt to let the consumer know what type of light is being produced by the product being purchased.  This is a presentation designed for all levels of expertise to explain what the terms mean, where they come from and why would someone care about them. (PDH)

Bridgelux is expanding the market for light emitting diode (LED) technologies through its high performance, energy efficient, easy to integrate Solid State Lighting (SSL) solutions, and by driving down the cost of LED lighting systems.

The replacement of incandescent light bulbs with LEDs is a revolution in our time and the Technical Society members can play an important role in  educating the public since the impending demise of the familiar incandescent light bulb has generated a backlash. David is selling a greatly improved light source but has to overcome lack of understanding, inertia and prejudice- not an easy task.

David is a graduate of Kettering University. Here is a link to his professional details:
The Technical Society of Knoxville luncheon meeting at the Crowne Plaza at 11:30 a.m. on January 5, 2015 will be a meeting to determine the future of the Technical society. Proposals to make the Technical Society an umbrella technology organization will be considered. The leadership of the society for the coming year will be determined.
After 93 years the Technical Society is having a midlife crisis. The society relied on TVA engineers for many years and the dearth of TVA engineers across the streeet has reduced the number of attendees at Technical Society meetings and the number of active participants.
Is there still a need for a voice of authority on technology matters in the public interest? Our building codes should be revised because earthquakes are more likely than we thought in the past (refer to TSK meeting on July 21, 2014). Global warming is an issue crying for clear explanation to the public. (refer to TSK meeting on September 2, 2014). The issues with biotechnology are just beginning. Technology is moving so fast only the Technical Society members who meet weekly with experts can keep some perspective.
There are many people in our area with understanding and experience who can contribute to the Technical Society and their contribution is needed.
The Technical Society will meet on January 5, 2015 at the Crowne Plaza on SummitHill Drive in downtown Knoxville. Complimentary self parking is available in the hotel garage. Meeting attendees will receive a token for exiting the garage without charge after the meeting. Members and guests may begin arriving around 11:30 and go through the buffet line. Cost is $13 per person. The meeting will start at 11:50 and end at 1:00. Visitors are welcome.
All Technical Society members are urged to attend this meeting and encourage potential members to consider contributing to the Knoxville area by participating in the Technical Society.

For more information contact Bob Scott, secretary, at 690-0705  or

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