TSK News May 2015

03 May

May 4, 2015 was a wrap-up of the April 30, 2015 working breakfast at Rothchilds.

On May 11, 2015 Dr. Al Hazari, demonstrated some of the ways he gets student interest in teaching science. (I, Bob Scott, was particularly impressed with him using a tomato catsup packet as a Cartesian diver). Dr. Hazari is Director of the Undergraduate Chemistry Labs at the University of Tennessee. Dr. Hazari’s quest to enhance science appreciation has included a regular goal ito inspire students to become inquisitive about science instead of fearing or dreading it. If you missed his presentation, try to see him somewhere else.

On May 18, 2015 Dr. Don Byerly, Professor Emeritus in the UT Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences condensed a billion years in an hour and did it very well. He referred to his new book “The Last Billion Years: A Geologic History of Tennessee” and it is an interesting- almost unbelievable story. I, Bob Scott, looked differently at the seemingly random quartz stones on Mount Leconte after listening to Dr. Byerly.

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