July 20, 2015 speaker will be Matt Wakefield

13 Jul

July 20, 2015 Matt Wakefield of EPRI will speak on the topic “Smart Grid” (PDH)

In November 1965 the Great Northeastern Blackout left 30 million people in the United States without electricity, starkly demonstrating the nation’s growing dependence on electricity and vulnerability to its loss. It marked a watershed for the industry and triggered the creation of the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). Since its beginnings in 1972, EPRI membership has grown to represent approximately 90% of the electricity generated in the United States and extends to more than 30 countries internationally. The EPRI research portfolio addresses a range of issues that change with the times and the technology, even as the underlying expectations remain constant for electricity that is affordable, reliable and environmentally responsible. Matt Wakefield is Director of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) research at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). His responsibilities include furthering the development of a modernized grid with a strong focus on leveraging emerging information and communication technologies that can be applied to the electric grid infrastructure. He and his team are focused on Smart Grid Research that enables advanced applications. He wishes to apply emerging technologies innovatively with a focus on cost benefit .

Matt has a BS in Technology Management from the University of Maryland.

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