November 2015 Technical Society Programs

05 Nov

November 2, 2015- no meeting

The speaker for the Technical Society of Knoxville meeting on November 9, 2015 will be Walter Wunderlich PE. His topic will be “Civil Disengagement in America.” 

Walter is an honorary member of the Technical Society who served 13 years as the society secretary/treasurer and has served as program chairman for 2015. Walter has a strong interest in civic life and service to the public and his ideas and insights will make this an interesting presentation.

Walter was educated in Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Civil Engineering and Hydraulic Engineering. He was a research engineer and staff leader at TVA working in reservoir water quality engineering and multi-purpose reservoir system optimization. He has spoken and written on Probabilistic Approaches in several areas.. 

Nominations for the Technical Society officers for 2016 will follow Walters presentation and discussion. Discussions on the Technical Society meetings for 2016 will begin at this meeting.

On November 16, 2015  Wolf Naegeli, PhD, Senior Research Scientist Emeritus, Institute for a Secure and Sustainable Environment, The University of Tennessee will give aMulti-media presentation entitled ” Electric Vehicle Technology: Past and Present” (PDH).

One hundred years ago, electric cars had a far greater market penetration than today. Dr. Naegeli will discuss the checkered past and the present state of electric propulsion technologies in transportation. He will highlight the interactions of engineering and socio-economic factors that are influencing the popularity of diverse technical concepts and their success in the marketplace.

Dr. Naegeli has MS and PhD degrees from Cornell University in natural resources policy and planning. He worked as a policy and technology analyst and as decision support systems integrator at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Tennessee. Throughout his career, he has been working to improve communication, education, and public participation in decision-making on complex environmental issues with long-term implications. Dr. Naegeli grew up in Switzerland and pursued interdisciplinary studies at the University of Zurich and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Before coming to the United States, he held positions as Editor-in-Chief of Panda magazine and Director of Information for World Wildlife Switzerland and as WWF International’s Marketing Executive for German-speaking countries. He is a founding member (1975) of the Swiss Society for Solar Energy, the World’s first national organization dedicated to the promotion of solar energy applications. He drives a made-in-Tennessee Nissan Leaf electric car.

On  November 30, 2015 Dr. Joshua Sangoro will be the speaker. The title of his presentation will be “New electrolytes for safer batteries – Ionic liquids in electrochemical energy applications” (PDH)

He is seeking the next big step forward in the quest for sustainable, more efficient energy. Energy storage is what is holding back the use of solar and wind energy and this is the cutting edge.

Dr. Sangoro received his bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Physics from Kenyatta University in 2003 and 2007, respectively. He obtained his PhD in Experimental Physics from the University of Leipzig, Germany, in 2010. He joined the Chemical Sciences Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory as a Postdoctoral Research Associate.  Dr. Sangoro joined the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Tennessee in the fall of 2013. Dr Sangoro has authored or co-authored over 30 peer-reviewed articles and has contributed to over 40 (11 invited) technical presentations at national and international conferences within the last four years.

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