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January 2016 TSK News

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January 2016 TSK Program

The January 11, 2016 meeting will have  Stephen Levy, Technical Director, State Chapter of the American Solar Energy Society as speaker. The title of his presentation will be  “Making Solar Energy More Valuable”.(PDH)

Stephen Levy was educated at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Steve spent 35 years in electric power generation, energy storage, transformation and switching. He is experienced in solar energy, high efficiency gas discharge lamps, pulse power, capacitive energy storage, thermophotovoltaics, and thermionic converters.

Steve also served as Chief of the Army Pulse Power Center and was one of the founders of the Electrical Power program used in the Strategic Defense Initiative, “Star Wars” program.

His expertise is Megawatt Electronics. He is the inventor of the “All-Electric Tank” concept for the U.S. Army and has consulted on all aspects of advanced technologies from idea creations to product acceptance; created teams to collaborate on joint projects; managed large programs that go beyond the limits of conventional technology; and submitted winning competitive bids. He is able to “see the big picture,” to know the direction in which technology needs to move.

An installation ceremony for Technical Society officers for 2016 will be held at this meeting. The officers for 2016 are

president Ev Engstrom

vice president Wolf Naegeli

treasurer Jean Pierre Granju

secretary  Bob Scott

past president  Joe Carson


Walter Wunderlich

Luther Alcorn

Peter Scheffler

Wayne Loveday

Steve Levy

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December 2015 TSK News

The December 7, 2015 Technical Society of Knoxville speaker was Jeff Munsey, a geophysicist with the TVA Dam Safety Engineering Services Group. The title of his presentation was “TVA dams on karstic foundations” (PDH).

Jeffrey W Munsey is a seismologist at the Tennessee Valley Authority. The laege TVA dams on karst formations were well done and the caverns beneath the dams were cleaned out and filled with concrete.

On December 14, 2015 Harvey Abouelata, President of ARiES Energy was speaker. His talk concentrated on solid waste disposal. 220,000 tons of waste go to our landfills each year at a cost of $50 per ton.

By gasifying waste his facility can reduce costs to $30 per ton and sell biochar which has value.

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