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May 2017 Technical Society Program

Dr. Matthew N. Murray will be the Technical Society speaker on May 8, 2017. The title of his presentation will be “Free Trade or Protectionism?” This will be a discussion/lecture on a very relevant topic that is developed for non-economists and intended to be  broadly accessible.  Dr. Murray is Professor of Economics at  the University of Tennessee. He is Associate Director of the Boyd Center for Business & Economic Research and Director of the Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy.

Dr. Murray’s work in the Boyd Center includes maintenance of the state econometric forecasting model that supports the annual Economic Report to the Governor and the quarterly Tennessee Business and Economic Outlook.  He has worked closely with state and local governments on a wide range of public policy issues including economic development incentives, economic/fiscal impact analysis, tax policy analysis, education finance reform, and transportation infrastructure finance.

Future Technical Society programs:

June 12: Dr. James E. Beavers, consultant: Seismicity and seismic design assessment in Tennessee.

July:10: TBA

August 14: Prof. Joshua Fu, UT: Hemispherical transport of air pollution.

September 18 ( Note: this is not the second Monday):TBA

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