July 2017 Technical Society Program

27 Jun

Weston Fulton changed the world

The Technical Society of Knoxville program will have a presentation by Dewaine Speaks entitled “Weston Fulton changed the world” on Monday, July 10. Dewaine Speaks is a former salesman of the Fulton Company and the author of the book, “Weston Fulton Changed the World“.

Among many other things Weston Fulton was one of the founding members of the Technical Society of Knoxville and – even though Fulton High School is named for him- he is probably vastly underappreciated and unknown in Knoxville where he spent most of his professional career. His company, after many changes, endures as Fulton Bellows in Knoxville.

He was an outstanding person who was in our midst- a rare genius who literally changed the world- and this is an opportunity to learn about Weston Fulton from the author of a Fulton biography.

Future Technical Society programs

August 14: Prof. Joshua S. Fu: Hemispherical Transport of Air Pollution.

September 18:  Prof. Mohammed Moshin, UT: Zero Interest economy.


October 16: T.J. Blasing, ORNL: On the physics of Global Warming.

November 13: Wolf Naegeli, President, TSK: Experiences with Electrical Car.

December 11: TBA

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