August 2018 Technical Society Meeting

14 Jul

Dr Stephen Smith will discuss the proposed TVA power rate changes on August 13, 2018.

Dr Smith has been involved with energy policy for many years and he is in an excellent position to inform the Technical Society about TVA proposals to change their electrical energy rates.

Historically, the Technical Society has assisted in educating the public on important issues but we have not published an educational paper in many years. The people of the entire earth must cooperate to stop increasing the carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere and making energy available from sources that do not produce carbon dioxide is a crucial part of the solution. TVA began as an organization that would solve problems caused by deforestation in a huge region and it needs to   expand its vision and work to solve the problem caused by excessive use of fossil fuels- which it has participated in- and use its great impact to accelerate the implementation of solar energy production along with any other creative ways of reducing the dumping of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Is this a time for the Technical Society to act and do we have the people who will make the effort to educate the public about the need for action? Please attend the Monday meeting if you can.

The Technical Society may need to assist in educating the public on this issue.

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