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October 2018 Technical Society Meeting

The Technical Society of Knoxville will meet on October 15, 2918 at the Crowne Plaza at 11:55. At the request of Mayor Rogero the Metropolitan Planning Commission is conducting a complete review and update of the city of Knoxville zoning ordinance.  On October 15, 2018  Gerald Green MPC Executive Director  will speak to the Technical Society of Knoxville about proposed adoption of the 2018 editions of the International Code Council construction codes.

Visitors are welcome.

Historically, the adopted codes have been amended to reflect earlier editions to minimize construction process changes. This adoption will be somewhat different in that it is proposed to adopt the 2018 code editions with minimal amendments. Plans Review and Inspections Staff have been reviewing the 2018 codes the past six months.

future programs

November 19, 2018  Karren Leslie More -fuel cell research

December 10, 2018:  Prof Mark Dean -Computers that operate more like human brains

February 11, 2019 James George Coder- the future of aerospace and ultra-efficient aircraft design.

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