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February 2019 Technical Society Meeting

February 11, 2019: Professor James Coder, Mechanical, Aerospace & Biomedical Engineering Department, Tickle College of Engineering, UT will be the speaker.He will speak on the future of aerospace and air plane design.(PDH)

A team led by Dr. James Corder from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tickle College of Engineering is one of five selected by NASA as part of an overall investment of nearly $50 million to lead the next aviation revolution.

The goal of UT’s team is to produce much more aerodynamically capable aircraft, with NASA providing what is believed to be the largest NASA award for a UT-led project.

UT’s focus is on redesigning wings around a principle known as laminar airflow, which in simplest terms is the opposite of turbulent airflow. Living creatures have been experimenting with flying for eons and in the process they have learned to fly efficiently. If an airplane could fly in laminar flow- like the birds- the power requirements could be greatly reduced.

Dr. Corder was educated at Penn State University with  PhD, 2014, MS, 2010 and BS, 2008.

This meeting will be the Technical Society of Knoxville annual meeting.

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January 2019 Technical Society Meeting

Knoxville is preparing to adopt the 2018 editions of the International Code Council construction codes. Historically, the adopted codes have been amended to reflect earlier editions to minimize construction process changes. This adoption will be somewhat different.  On January 14, 2019 James Tente, Building and Plans Review Chief, will be the Technical Society speaker. The title of his presentation will be “Significant Changes to the Knoxville Building and Energy Code.”

Visitors are welcome.

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