January 2020 Meeting of the Technical Society of Knoxville

01 Jan

The Technical Society of Knoxville will meet on January 13, 2020 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, 401 W Summit Hill Drive.

Anyone interested in the topic is welcome. 

Dr. Peter Thornton, Oak Ridge National laboratory, Climate Change Science Institute and the Environmental Sciences Division, will be the speaker. His speech title will be “What observations and models tell us about likely future trajectories for Earth’s climate system” 

Many people profess unbelief (or indifference) in climate change- this meeting will provide an opportunity to learn the facts necessary to help people who profess unbelief have a clear understanding of where the climate models originate and how reliable they are. This really is the crucial critical challenge for this generation.

Dr.  Thornton studies the interactions of land ecosystems with all other components of the Earth’s climate system, including biogeochemical and physical  land-atmosphere feedbacks, and interactions with human systems.     Dr. Thornton  has been a member of the scientific staff at ORNL since 2008 and he  also serves as a mentor to several technology projects within the Oak Ridge Public Schools, and serves as a board member for the Oak Ridge Public Schools Education Foundation.

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