January 11,2021 Technical Society ZOOM meeting!

08 Jan

Allen Coggins will be the speaker for the Technical Society of Knoxville ZOOM meeting on January 11, 2021..

The meeting will begin at 11:55 am on January 11, 2021.

Allen Coggins is a freelance researcher and writer. The talk is titled Sylvan Facts and Factoids. It originally was presented at Wilderness Wildlife Week in 2019. It features information on 21 common trees( origins, facts, myths, medical use and pioneer and Native American uses of these trees.Includes apple, ash, basswood, American beech, dogwood, eastern hemlocks, red cedar, resbud, hackberries, haws, hickories, locust, maples, oaks, persimmon, sugar maple, tulip poplar, willows, white pine, American holly, and even the non-indigenous ginkgo.Discusses forest types in TennesseeDescribes the effects of altitude, temperature, precipitation and latitude on trees and forest types.Covers ecological forest diversity within forest systems.Accounts for the vast array and diversity of tree species in Tennessee and some adjoining states.Includes an introductionto the “Doctrine of Signatures.”Discusses the fact that trees communicate with one another through their root system and through the air to literally control and regulate the forest ecosystems.

Allen Coggins is the author of three books and is working on a fourth. Much of his career was working as an emergency management specialist with Oak Ridge Associated Universities.inn a previous life he served as Chief Naturalist for both Georgia and Tennessee State Parks.

 The Zoom link to the meeting is
Passcode: TSK

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