• Objective & Meeting Agenda

Location:  Rothchild Catering 8807 Kingston Pike  37923  690-0103

Objective:  Consider whether the Technical Society of Knoxville (TSK) can and should “reboot” with a mission of service to Knox- area technical societies and their missions of providing service to their members and the public health, safety, security and welfare.  (Note:  It will not happen without the support of the leaders of a good portion of the area’s over two dozen technical societies.)


0645 – doors open to event attendees

0700 – breakfast available

0710 – 0740 speakers

0745 – 0815 – attendees caucus at tables to discuss proposed motto, vision and mission of TSK, whether it can advance the objectives of their societies and how to objectively do so.

0820-0840 – tables report out, outline near-term actions to be taken

0845 – adjourn (room remains  open to 0930)

Attendees can bring brochures to distribute.  We’ll have a final count for event attendees by COB on 4/27 and will place it on website.


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