• Some Benefits of Rebooted TSK

1.       TSK has access to a “gold” level subscription to Survey Monkey, which it can share, for free, with other area technical societies that wish to survey their members.

2.       TSK is autonomous, so it can issue position statements on matters of interest to local technical community – such as STEM Ed, National Historical Park in Oak Ridge, irban redevelopment plans, etc.

3.       TSK is going to create a “member-only” portion of its website, which will connect to the LinkedIn accounts of its members (if they wish), so they can better network – know and be known – to other TSK members.

4.    There are over two dozen area technical societies – instead of asking them all for input and assistance in issues relevant to their missions, area City Councils, School Boards, County Commissions, Chambers of Commerce, etc. do not ask any of them for input.   TSK can be the conduit to other area technical societies to such external stakeholders.


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